Power trip

I’m so tired I can hardly string together a post. It’s been a week or two of non-stop busy flitting between work and duties and a couple of nights of excessive enjoyment of Spring’s parties. But I thought I’d better share the latest bit of happy news, because on Friday night when I got home I found Richard waiting for me to experience the first test of a new addition to the boat, and this is what happened…

The Test

Rich is of course delighted. We’ve had the engine for a year and he’s worked incredibly hard to get it to this point. He’s already taken the boat back on to the slip and fitted the prop shaft, and this evening we gave that a quick burst while tied up to the pontoon. It seems to turn and do all the things a prop should do.

With any luck we can soon have our first trip, moving Gwen under her own steam for the first time since we’ve had her, probably for the first time in over five years. An anchor, an oil change and a couple of paraffin lamps are all that’s needed for us to take our home camping up the river. No matter how tired we are, we can’t help but feel a bit excited about that!

Rich is a bit of a Trekkie. We’ve recently taken a holiday from our usual visual diet of hard-hitting drama, violently trashy telly, movies and nature documentaries and are taking it easy in the unchallenging company of the first series of Enterprise. Jumping on a fresh new vessel to go on adventures and see new things – well, who can argue with that?


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