Top Swap

It’s been a heck of a week. I had to go to work on Monday so I missed the grotty old cabin top coming off, the engine being lowered in and Richard’s new gorgeous cabin sliding on to cover us. The engine isn’t hooked up yet but when it is Rich and I are looking forward to a trip up the river, camping in our own home beneath the trees.

Cheerio, scabby old cabin top.

Cheerio, scabby old cabin top.

Hello, lovely new cabin top.

Hello, lovely new cabin top.

By this point we were so tired of living on the wonk that the inside of the boat became almost as grim as the outside – the bed has turned into a dumping ground for anything that looks remotely like clothing, the sofas share the jobs of beds, seats and shelves. The week wasn’t too good itself – I went to a funeral, Rich found a bit of work that couldn’t be done when he wanted. Generally things didn’t go to plan. And then came the sunshine, and a weekend of pure joy.

On Saturday, spurred on by a mild hangover and a deep hit of endorphins from a jog/zumba/jog sandwich (I KNOW! What’s wrong with me?) I finished sanding and rollered on the aluminium primer coat for Serenity. Then Rich and I helped dear old Nathan of him-what-runs-the-boatyard fame to hook Gwen on to strops and yank bits of her up in a variety of combinations until the tide took her back to the water. This was very exciting for me because I love cranes. I really do. I love that we live in a boatyard with one, let alone that I have now got to play with one.

The chain gang

The chain gang (Rich’s George Michael beard still on display)

Getting shifted and shuffled off the slipway

Getting shifted and shuffled off the slipway

By the time Nathan had helped push us round to our new berth I was feeling a little teary, not only because I am so rarely awake when Gwen moves, but also because our new home is ridiculously pretty. We sit, bathed in this new thing called sun that seems to have appeared, at the outer side of a pontoon. We bob when the ferry or fishing boats go by. There is water around us and it leads to the river which leads to the big blue sea. Sadly we’re only here for a couple of weeks as this is the pontoon that broke over Christmas and the natives will want their spots back, but in the meantime I am relishing every bounce down the long pontoon, every opportunity to hang my legs over the edge and look out unblocked towards the pretty fields and trees across the way.

Our lovely new home (for nearly two weeks)

Our lovely new home (for nearly two weeks)

Yesterday Rich and Harry helped me execute a boozy treasure hunt I’d written for some friends which included a dance-off and a storming of Cawsand beach to Ride of the Valkyries. I also learned to hula hoop and danced the evening away. Summer already feels like it is upon us and I am vowing to myself to make the most of every minute of sun and to have all the fun I can in beautiful Cornwall. Who knows, we could be leaving next year!


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