Mobile, not mobile

I’ve gone and got myself a smartphone, which will hopefully one day do quite nicely as a wee tablet from which to witter at you in far off climes. Of course, for now Gwen is quite stationary and so are we. I’m just trying out the hardware (hence the probably naff photos).


This weekend was our anniversary – a whole year of trouble and joy celebrated with a sundrenched bimble, some gorgeous tapas and various intoxicating concoctions. It topped off a week or two of sunshine in which my notion of boat living heaven was confirmed – my stress levels are at a minimum as we’re getting more and more accustomed to our new living ways, and even the sky co-operates to keep us merry. I will run you through an idea of what life aboard is like when I have time, but for now until my course ends in three weeks’ time I am a slave to a pen and a tattered print out of the phonemic alphabet.

Rich is in his work’s yard with a boom he’s been battering and an engine he’s removed from our shed (I will also update you on this when I understand what’s going on). He’s worried about money and time, but he’s hoping to sell his van this week. I’m doing my best to persuade him to take some time off work to concentrate on Gwen as soon as he can – he frets enough already and I fear a summer without a real feeling of achievement will plunge him in to misery for the winter. I’m no help at the moment, which feels shite, but at least I’m properly paying my way at last.


Engine parts mission

Rich is obsessed with doing the boat to the point of occasional insanity. He leans toward leaving as soon as she can sail where I’d rather take in where we are, take it slow and save up – be prepared. I suppose it’s two different ways of enjoying the journey. For the moment I get the feeling I’m in charge of making sure it is enjoyed, possibly due to my hedonistic tendencies. I’ve been training for this for some time. Rich likes to get things done before he will allow himself to enjoy, by which point I have already run off for a pint. It’s very possibly a winning combination. We’ll see.


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