She sails sea sails

Today I had lurgy and didn’t go to work. This evening as I sit at home having palpitations, sniffing and drinking Jordan’s Country Crisp milk from the bowl, I get a mysterious phone call from Richard. He asks me if I can take a photo of the page in the Book of Things where I measured the sails, and put it on the blog. He starts asking me something about the spar measurements from the big boat drawing (if you’re reading this, Rich, where is it?) when the phone is cut off. I try to call back, but there is no reply. I wait, but he doesn’t call again.

So, for the benefit of the sail-fancying kidnapper who has taken my boyfriend (and anyone else who really wants to know how poorly I measured the sails of the boat all those months ago) here are the rough dimensions of the sails that sit bitterly behind my desk. We will let you out one day, lovelies. Have patience.



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