Risk assessment, part 2

No boating this weekend as we’re both knackered from being back at work. Rich has been speaking to some people who sailed on Gwen long, long ago in the days when you could sail on Gwen. He pops over to borrow some zombies and tells me that apparently she sank once not long after she was built – a storm and the tide brought her over a pontoon which wore a hole in her hull. Another repair we didn’t know about! Rich seems happy at the knowledge, because it’s better to know. A vein in my neck twitches. The repair we did know about is still waiting to be re-fixed properly.

Small and behind glass. Not scary.

Small and behind glass. Not scary.

We went to the aquarium yesterday. I was reminded of the long-missed wonders of snorkeling (dreaming of that warm water far away… mmm…) and introduced to quite a few fish that we’ll see/eat on our boat jaunts, when we have a jauntable boat.

So in two days my list of fears to learn to ignore on The Big One have been joined by jellyfish, sharks, what the hell we do if one of us gets a weird illness/injury at sea, and the quality of whatever repair job has been done to our hull. According to Wikipedia the kraken live off Norway and Greenland, and we’re not going there, so we don’t have that to worry about. It’s all good. It’s all good.


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