Long game

Friends of ours are holidaying in the Caribbean right now. Others have recently hopped on planes to see Asia for a few months. Oh, how sunny it must be.

We’ll be here working on Gwen for a year or two more in the hope of a long voyage into the unknown. In the meantime we’re broke and struggling, and we spend any money on keeping two homes and buying tools and materials and stuff like that, particularly Rich. I’m thinking of taking a Tesol course which will grant me a trade to travel with but will render me incapable of saving for at least six months, probably more. It’s probably worth it, but it means another year of not being able to do the things I’d like.

There’s a certain amount of hope, if not faith, that this will all turn out alright. Sometimes I see it that the more we do, the more we risk, should it go tits up. Or that the more we do, the more we could get back. Far more often than that it’s wonderful to enjoy the process wherever it leads. And every now and then we sit and remember the sun we’ve known from past travels, the lap of waves warm enough to swim all day, the choice between unknowns you can make all the time. That freedom is what those friends are enjoying at the moment. That’s what we could have for as long as we go. The memory of sunshine in this wet winter (which is about to get cold again) is motivation and medicine in one.


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