Mistletongue and Groove

Fear ye not. As if by magic it’s all merry again in the world of Gwen. Rich is back from his family visit and Christmas is out of the way. He has been back to work on the boat and I’ve joined him for a couple of days, helping sort and return the polystyrene back in to place (like a large filthy jigsaw puzzle) and cover it in some sort of tinfoil bubble wrap for extra insulation, and even getting my first shot at some proper lining. Seems I can use a saw, a pencil and a cordless screwdriver, so I can put up tongue and groove. This makes an impractical cack-handed twat like myself very proud. I even bought the tongue and groove – Rich spends all his spare money on Gwen so it’s nice to cover a bit when he’s not working.

Things are moving on, we both feel proud and it feels great. A fug has lifted. The dog no longer stays at mine (and my asthma and sneezing improved hugely almost instantly!) but it’s no longer too cold to occasionally leave her snuggled in the car overnight, and Rich sorted out the bedding so I can now stay on board! It’s brilliant. I love waking up on that boat and it gives me even more motivation to work on her. I take a Piriten when I stay there, which helps. And with the walls now insulated the fire keeps it warm enough to work there day or night whatever the hell outside. As you can see, it’s bloody warm…


Next problem is the weather. While investigating a persistent leak from one of the portholes Rich found that there was a crack in the concrete and this means we’ve had to delay putting up the (correct my spelling if I’m dreadfully wrong) rubbing strakes(?!) which in themselves will require a couple of days of clear weather. This means we can’t fully line the inside of the boat yet. Add to that the clear days it will take to make concrete repairs and the soggy Christmas holidays are buggered.

It’s been a very wet winter and it seems it will continue to be so. The village flooded again last weekend while we were up celebrating the end of the world at Maker. There’s plenty we can get on with inside, including the forward cabin which is my personal project, but completion of anything is blighted by the need for the concrete repair and the rubbing strakes. It would feel so good to get a whole thing finished, like the walls or something, but we just have to be patient and hope we get a good weekend or two once we’ve gone back to work.

The great thing is with the deadline pressure gone we can be patient. We still yabber on about when and where we could go, how much there is to do, potential solutions to financial, time and work problems etc. But the stress is off, for now, at least. Just wait til we start on the damn mast!

Happy Christmas, oh non existent reader. Here are the dog in her boathome, and me being pleased with myself for a measly amount of T&G…



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